Our efforts have laid a solid foundation for the transformation of Downtown Lansing into a thriving hub of vitality, diversity, and opportunity. We’ve dissected the needs, analyzed the market, and devised a comprehensive strategy that aligns with the unique character of our city. The facts are crystal clear, backed by robust data, and the opportunities ahead are substantial.

  • Demand is high for downtown housing, catering to different family structures and income levels, and amenities that are accessible within a 15-minute walk.
  • Filling identified gaps in retail establishments leads to more residents and, therefore, more traffic. The current top needs in retail are pharmacy, apparel, and home goods.
  • Strategic placemaking efforts, non-motorized transit options, and active public spaces have potential to increase economic vitality.

If you’re considering development in Downtown Lansing, our doors are open and we’re ready to provide tools and support. Contact Cathleen Edgerly at [email protected] or call 517-487-3322.

Through meticulous research, intentional investment, and a spirit of collaboration, we are shaping the future of Downtown Lansing.