Downtown Lansing
Comprehensive Market Analysis

Thriving downtowns don’t happen by accident.

They are born out of community investment, thorough research, and a whole lot of determination.

This is why Downtown Lansing Inc. commissioned a Comprehensive Market Analysis (CMA) in the fall of 2022. As the Downtown Management Agency tasked with promoting the culture and sustainability of our district, we created the CMA to help fulfill our mission to transform Downtown Lansing. Made possible by financial investment from the MEDC and the planning efforts of dozens of local stakeholders, this study outlined the realistic enhancements needed to meet the significant demand for housing, real estate, and retail in the greater Downtown Lansing area.

This includes over 1,000 owners and renters looking for downtown lofts, walkups, townhouses, as well as courtyard and condo-style apartments. And while we have a satisfactory amount of some retail services, opportunities were identified in retail businesses which include: home and garden, sporting goods, home furnishings, and more.

While data is illuminating, this narrative as a whole is designed to show you not only what is possible, but how you can be a part of it. And why you should.