Guiding Principles
Foster a walkable community where essential amenities, dining, and entertainment options are easily accessible, promoting convenience, social connection, and a sense of place attachment.
Ensure that Downtown Lansing is welcoming and accessible to people from all walks of life, embracing diversity, and fostering a sense of belonging for everyone.
Spaces for All
Create and maintain public spaces that cater to the needs and interests of people of all ages, providing gathering places, recreational areas, and cultural venues that promote social interaction and community engagement.
Public - Private Partnerships
Facilitate two-way collaboration between both private organizations and the government to plan, fund, and develop big changes.
Social Connection
Build places outside of workplaces and residential properties where people can find human connection with one another.
Best Practice, Not Bare Minimum
Strive for excellence in every aspect of downtown development, refusing to settle for subpar or mediocre solutions. Embrace long-term efficacy and innovation.
Emphasize the importance of aesthetics in urban design and architecture, creating visually appealing and inviting spaces that enhance the overall experience of downtown and contribute to a strong sense of place. Form is just as important as function when it comes to building a sought-after community.
Promote responsible stewardship of resources, including land, energy, and natural assets, ensuring sustainable practices are integrated into all aspects of downtown development and maintenance.
Minimize Focus on Parking
Recognize that parking is not a free resource. Balance the provision of parking spaces with the need to allocate land for multi-modal transportation options, such as handicap accessibility, 15-minute zones, and bicycle infrastructure, to enhance overall mobility.
Shared Resources
Embrace the belief that data and information should be accessible to all, fostering transparency and providing developers, entrepreneurs, and the community at large with equal access to valuable resources that support informed decision-making and collaboration.
Public Art
Integrate public art into the fabric of downtown, ensuring that local artistic expression is showcased and enhances the cultural footprint of the community.