The City We See

With the Action Plan as our road map, we envision a remarkable transformation of Downtown Lansing that reflects a vision where accessibility fosters a vibrant community. Our dedication is unwavering, fueled by the desire to see a downtown that transcends expectations and energizes our entire region.

One crucial aspect of this plan is the enhancement of housing options. In 2021, we set a goal of adding 2,000 residents to the Downtown Lansing neighborhood. Recent announcements will certainly get us closer to that goal, and intentional growth in the coming years will help attain it. All while adhering to a clear vision and best practices.

We believe in welcoming and supporting a diverse range of housing, catering to different income levels. Our focus is both revitalizing the existing housing stock and developing new housing options, both for purchase and for rent. This commitment will attract new residents, enriching the social fabric of our neighborhoods.

In the public realm, there are three main strategies that can improve Downtown Lansing’s sense of place and bottom line alike: street placemaking; non-motorized networks and river connection; and establishing a green web. Strategic placemaking efforts like public art have potential to uplift underutilized corridors. A non-motorized path connecting bikers and pedestrians to the river would increase activity and leverage a natural asset. A diverse range of active green spaces hosting festivals, concerts, and other activities would increase visitation and, thus, economic vitality.

This collective effort will require creative thinking and cooperation from everyone, but with patience and persistence, we are confident that what we envision will be achieved. Our goal is not just about economic growth but fostering a sense of community, vitality, and social infrastructure in our neighborhoods.